15 Reasons to Visit Camp Shane’s Weight Loss Program

15 Reasons to Visit Camp Shane’s Weight Loss Program


I’m always looking for resources on health and wellness for children. I came across this excellent program through Instagram called Camp Shane. Staying fit and losing weight has multiple factors involved, including diet and exercise. Additionally, being overweight can cause children to have low self-esteem and even be bullied. Camp Shane offers a childhood obesity weight loss program that is amazing. Here are 15 reasons:

  • Fun, upbeat, happy, and exciting
  • Nice staff
  • Encouraging
  • Supportive
  • Meet friends
  • Meet counselors
  • Play hard
  • Use the computer center to stay connected with family
  • Learn how to eat healthy
  • Learn from the experts: a Physician, Registered Dietitian, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist run the quality program
  • Learn how to exercise
  • Lose weight (15-50 pounds!) (feel better)
  • The focus is on positive activities and meaningful discussions
  • Kind, friendly, inclusive, safe, structured, and highly supervised environment
  • Help you keep healthy habits even when you are back at home

Thank you, Camp Shane for having such a wonderful, fun weight loss resource for children!

Camp Shan

Camp Shane

Camp Shane

Camp Shane


Please post any comments on your experience at Camp Shane!

Also, please let me know if you have a program or have attended a program that helps children live healthier lives. I would love to feature it in a future post! Thank you!!!


Ipuna Black

Ipuna Black

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