Causticum- Homeopathy in Children with Emotional Imbalance

Causticum- Homeopathy in Children with Emotional Imbalance

My eight-year-old son, Jy, suffered from encephalitis and Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) after receiving the flu-mist last October 2015. Increased emotions is one complication he suffers from since the encephalitis. He is naturally a more sensitive child. After the encephalitis, he seems to have more emotional outbreaks. The last rehabilitation facility he visited recommended for him to see a homeopathic doctor to help balance his emotions. After a thorough history, the homeopathic doctor placed Jy on Causticum. Causticum is one homeopathic recommendation to help children with emotional imbalance.


Medical Experience

I’ve studied many years of medicine for my Bachelors and PhD in Nursing. Additionally, I received my Pediatric Nurse Practitioner license with my Masters of Science Degree in Nursing. In all of my years of education, the focus was on disease prevention, symptom management, and often pills or medication. I didn’t learn anything about homeopathic methods. Maybe we discussed homeopathic methods during culture topics. Otherwise, nursing or medical schools don’t generally teach homeopathic methods. However, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine or DO schools teach homeopathic methods.

Experience Between Traditional Medicine and Homeopathic Methods

From my experience with the healing process from encephalitis and GBS, Jy has needed both traditional and homeopathic methods to get back in balance. Traditional medicine helped Jy recover physically: physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Traditional medicine doesn’t include vision and auditory processing therapies. Although these methods may not be considered straight homeopathic, there are no synthetic medications involved. The focus is music therapy and visual training. Insurances don’t usually cover homeopathic methods, which is horrible. Therefore, some families can’t afford homeopathic methods. Children with complex illnesses could benefit from homeopathic methods.


I know you are thinking, but that is medication. How is that homeopathic? Here is a good article on differences between synthetic prescription medication and homeopathic medicine. Causticum is a mineral. It’s natural compared to a synthetic drug.

I had never heard of Causticum before. Jy’s homeopathic doctor is a DO. He indicated that when a child has increased emotions after encephalitis, it is because the body is off balance or not in homeostasis. Herbpathy has simple and straightforward information on Causticum. A few highlights of Causticum include:

  • Botanical Name: Causticum Hahnemanni, Potassium Hydrate
  • Homeopathic Name: Causticum – Mother Tincture
  • Uses: Arthritis, Bell’s palsy, cough, hoarseness, keloids, rheumatism, cicatrix, warts, abscess, acid reflux, acne

Where do emotions come into the treatment picture? According to Herbs2000, people having a Causticum personality “are insightful, serious, and vigorous and, at the same time, get disturbed easily when they find others being treating unjustly. They suffer others suffering and are very vulnerable to lingering misery. However, when they are cheerful, they become very impractical and optimistic. On the contrary, unhappiness makes them drown in gloominess.”


Jy doesn’t appear to have all of these symptoms. However, he does get really upset if he believes a situation is unjust. For example, on a school field trip, the person demonstrating chose another student over Jy to help her. Jy got upset and cried loudly in front of his second-grade class. He had his hand up first and thought the demonstrator should have chosen him first. The person demonstrating just didn’t see Jy’s hand first. Jy had to come to the back of the room because he was disruptive with his crying. I couldn’t get him to understand that the demonstrator just didn’t see his hand first. This is one example of many situations Jy has been in where he felt unjustly treated.


Jy started with a loading dose the first day. For the next three weeks, he will take 10 capsules under his tongue. He tolerates it well and says the taste is okay. He isn’t supposed to eat for one hour after. I give it to him before bed. It’s hard to tell an eight-year-old that he can’t eat. The first day he took it he came home and said, “I didn’t cry today.” I have to remind him that it’s okay to cry, but we are trying to help him cope with situations a little better.

The DO told me that I should see a 30% improvement within three weeks. I’m hoping the homeopathic methods will help Jy with his hyperactivity, fidgetiness, emotions, and thought process (slower since the injury). I will keep you updated blog friends!

Please let me know if your child has tried any homeopathic methods that are helpful.





Ipuna Black

Ipuna Black

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