Websites and Software for Cognitive Development

Websites and Software for Cognitive Development

My son, Jy, visited the neuropsychologist a couple weeks ago. His office gave us great websites and software programs Jy could use to help with cognitive development. I thought I would share them with you all! Summer time fun! đŸ™‚

The information is below, but I thought I should give an update on Jy’s encephalitis recovery. He is still more emotional than he was before he got encephalitis, but we can reason with him a little better. The neuropsychologist said to acknowledge his feelings and to give him an example of how to better cope. Over time, he should relearn how to handle situations better. Jy started Adderall again because his teacher indicated that it made a difference in his ability to stay on track with his classwork. He is reading better, but he is still slower and his he has difficulty concentrating if we read for too long. The neuropsychologist recommended that Jy enroll in martial arts to focus on behavior and controlling his mind and actions. He also recommended that he starts taking private soccer lessons to help with his reaction time, speed, and agility.

Here is the information: (website under construction) (website temporarily disabled) (One of the best!)

Subscriptions ($9.95 per month) ($9.95 per month) (use online $24.95 per month)

For Purchase (Software costs $20.00. Requires purchase of Nintendo hand held game device. Take it with you anywhere. Download for $139.00 or boxed CD for $149.00. Install on your computer. $395.00 for one copy. Expensive program. $1500 to $2000. Well designed.

Other sites:

For building study and analytic skills:

Book: The Aspiring Thinker’s Gude to Critical Thinking by Linda Elder




Ipuna Black

Ipuna Black

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